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Have a question or need help? You have come to the right place. Here you will find answers to our frequently asked questions. If what you are looking for is not available here, please feel free to complete the FAQ form provided and we will do our best to answer you right away!

Are escape rooms okay for kids? What is your age limit?

Ages 12 or younger must have an adult present with them in the room. Ages 15-17 must have a damages waiver signed by an adult. Ages 18 and over must act like adults. Please understand that 13 and under may have difficulties with some of the puzzles due to cognitive levels.

The Simcoe Arms Hotel has replica guns in the game, and Against Your Will may be a little too scary for really young kids. No age limits on play, it is at each parent's discretion.

Regardless of age, each person entering the game must purchase a ticket; exception only for babes in arms/car seats. Kids have lots of fun in escape games and there's always lots for them to see and do!

Are we really locked in a room?

City by-law frowns upon it, and we don't want to end up on the nightly news! If at any time you need to leave the room, just exit through the door you came in.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Our lobby and washrooms are completely accessible, however our games are built out of spaces that already existed and depending on the doorway width you need, we may not be able to accommodate you in our games. Give us a call and we can figure it out. We do offer all wheelchair persons the ability to watch the game unfold with our game-master who is running the group through the game, providing them hints and overseeing the groups experience.

Are your rooms physically demanding?

No they are not, in fact we suggest no heavy lifting, pole vaulting, or bench pressing of any kind while playing. We don't want to give anything away, however, there may be some getting down and dirty involved, so you can be prepared. But please be aware, in escape games, no brute force or heavy lifting is involved.

Can I book a time slot not offered on your schedule?

Not without our permission my friend. Give us a call or email. We will do our best to accommodate you. But if it's normal working hours and the room you are looking for is already booked, then we will not play favourites...unless it's you mom and dad.

Can I bring extra people?

Do you tell them they are just extras to their face? How rude. You can certainly bring any number of additional friends and family you want, BUT you can't have more than the maximum number of people permitted in a room. And, if they are playing, they are paying. If you have more then the maximum numbers for the game you are playing, you can split your group in two once we have our second room in operation. Even better...grab a group of 8-12 and call us about our team challenge! In 2.5 hours, you will each get to play 2 different games. The team with the lesser combined times will win a prize. What's the prize you might ask? I'll give you 2 hints: it's not a private jet, and it's not a penny.

Can two teams compete?

Absolutely. As you will see by our leader board, we love the competitive spirit. Here's the catch, you will need a minimum of 2.5 hours and we will have to have 2 rooms available for those 2.5 hours. You will each start in a different room. Once you complete your first room (or not), we will record your time, reset the rooms, and your teams will then switch rooms and play round 2. We will add up the times for each of your rooms, and whoever has the quickest time will win. Max for competing is 12 people

Can we come back and try again?

Ask us on your way out, it depends on how we feel! We never recommend playing the same room twice, as you will know how to solve it, but if you want to play the game again with a new group we totally understand. We will inform you as new rooms are built, flipped and become available if you would like to sign up for our newsletter


Do I need a reservation?

Ya, you do. So book one now online or give us a call. Looking for something last minute, or while you are already out? Give us a call and we can let you know what games are still available for a same day booking...and next time, plan ahead!

Do I need special knowledge or skills?

A voice and a brain is helpful, but NO outside knowledge or skills are required to solve the puzzles in our rooms. While some knowledge or skills might occasionally save you time, you WILL have the ability to solve everything in the room without it. If you're stuck, you can request a hint from your designated game-master.

Do you offer Corporate Events and Team Building?

Heck Yes! We sure do. Please call us to discuss your options. We have a portable game called 'Tohua Island' that can be run off site for up to 48 people at a time. We can also host 24 people every hour in our three traditional escape rooms at our location.

What do I win if I escape?

Your freedom and the admiration of those who couldn't. A true champion in our eyes.

What if I don't escape in time?

Shame on you. Not to worry, we will walk you through the rest of the game play to show you what you missed. We won't say anything bad about you... to your face!

What if we are late?

Your one hour countdown timer starts at the time you booked for. Please be early so we can make sure you know all the fancy rules and brief you on your upcoming adventure. If you are late and there is another group behind you, we will be forced to cut out some of your game play time. Depending on the schedule we'll try our best to accommodate. We do our best to make everyone happy!

What if we get stuck on a puzzle?

I told you not to play with glue and lay on our puzzles. If you get stuck, you will have clues you can ask the gamemaster for, who will be watching and listening to your every move...creepy right?

What is an escape room?

Its a room you have to escape from! No but seriously:

"An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are placed in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. The games are physical versions of "escape the room" video games. Games are set in a variety of fictional locations, such as prison cells, dungeons and space stations, and are popular [team] building exercises.

The earliest room was created in 2006, and escape rooms became popular in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Israel and mainland China in the 2010s." (Wikipedia)

What is Linear or Non-Linear Game?

In a linear escape game, one thing will lead you directly to the next as you work your way through the adventure. In a non-linear game, more than one, or sometimes all puzzles, are accessible to you at the same time. In a linear game, you work together as a group to solve all the puzzles. In a non-linear game, you can split up and work to solve different puzzles at the same time.

In a combination linear/non-linear game, at times more than one puzzle will be accessible to you, and at times you will have to complete things in a certain order. Who knew escape games were so cool? Us, we did. That's why we own the place!

Whats your cancellation policy?

To cancel or reschedule your booking, please call us at 705-985-2528.

24 HOURS NOTICE: If you call to cancel or reschedule your booking more than 24 hours before your reserved game time, we can issue you a full refund, or transfer your deposit to a new date and time.

LESS THAN 24 HOURS: Cancellations or rescheduling is not permitted if requested within 24 hours of your scheduled start time. No refunds will be issued, and your deposit cannot be transferred to a new booking.

We require at least 24 hours as it allows others players enough time to book the time slot we have held for you. Thank you for your understanding and your support of small business!

Any applicable refunds will be issued the same day, but it may not show on your bank statement for 7-10 business days (depends on your bank).

We understand that mistakes happen when booking, which is why we send out a booking confirmation and a reminder, that includes the date and time you chose online. If an error has been made, just call us and we can fix it!

When should we arrive?

Arrive right at the time you have booked for! Your game starts 15 minutes AFTER the time you reserved. Each timeslot is 75 minutes long to include a brief, time for photos and to make sure you're ready to play.

Will we be put with other groups?

No Way, Jose. When you book one of our games/rooms within the minimum and maximum players, the room is yours for the hour. We know in some other facilities they will pair you up with other groups. We want to protect your experience and maximize your fun, and we think keeping rooms private helps with just that!

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