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Customer feedback is a huge part of any business. They help new customers gain trust in doing businesses with us and the feedback we receive from past customers is used to help us continually improve how we do business. Please take the time to view what some of our customers have to say about us. If we have already had the pleasure of serving you some fun then let us know how we did!

  • "I had my first experience with an escape room at another location in barrie, it was awful. It turned me off the idea of escape rooms; the lessons on lock usages was un-clear, the "helper" was not so helpful and had a hard time explaining clues let alone explaining any information we needed to know prior to entering the room, so needless to say I was hesitant to spend another 25.00 on this event once again. Isucked it up and went last night with my boyfriend and his brother an girlfriend, it was a great experience. The girl who breifed us was friendly, spoke clearly, and made sure we understood everything we needed to enjoy our visit. I had a bit of a struggle trying to book the event but I spoke with Ryan , the owner and he made things a lot easier for me haha. I will be going back especially when the new room comes. I can't believe the difference in my 2 experiences, if anyone asks about escape rooms ill be encouraging them to come to this location 100 %. "

    Charlcie B

  • " From the start Ryan was great! He was very knowledgeable and made our whole experience pleasurable. Looking forward to the completion of their next room. We will definitely be returning!"


  • "This was my first ever escape room. Had a great time at the "hotel" was laid out very well and quite fun. I did it with 2 others,3 total. I wasn't sure what to expect, but had a wonderful experience. The staff are friendly and care about what they do, you can tell they are passionate about their jobs. I look forward to more rooms and will definitely be back!"

    Blair hodder

  • "We had a small group of 3 and had a blast. There was a theme and the clues and everything were all connected! Ryan was awesome. Not only was he kind and helpful he made our first experience amazing. Our 2nd was with another company and was no where as enjoyable as this. We look forward to returning for more rooms. Price is reasonable taking in to consideration the cost of other escape rooms. Our group finished with 12mins and 33 sec to spare. We are every day moms and dads and were able to solve this room with very minimal clues. Simcoe arms is also a room I feel comfortable with my younger children being involved in. It does have replica weapons but other than that everything was great! I recommend this also for homeschoolers as a social, team building effort and has numbers, letters, maps and more. We are excited to return for more rooms!"


  • "I've been to one escape room before and this one was by far the best one. They had many puzzles to work with. I really enjoyed it. Will for sure do the other escape room when it's ready to go!"


  • "Tonight was my first experience with an escape room and it was amazing!! The puzzles were challenging but not overwhelming. Great way for family or friends to get out and have fun. Go support a great local business!!! Can't wait to go back!"


  • "That was the best birthday party I have ever been to! It was the first ecape room I have ever been to and it was just amazing! And the fact that we where the youngest people to ever escape was just awesome! I will definently come here with my freinds when the next room opens! I highly sugest coming here it was just so fun! "


  • "Awesome!!!! We had such an awesome experience!!! Fun for all, and challenging too! Owners are awesome and the baby is sooo cute!!! Would highly recommend this place to anyone!!! "


  • "Excellent escape experience. Great owners who really know their escape rooms. Kind and knowledgeable. The best escape experience I have ever had. Excellent design and great puzzles. Highly recommend "

    Kevin Jacquemain

  • "My 14 year old daughter wanted to go to an escape room with her friends for her birthday, and it was imperative that I, as the adult, stay out! Ryan and Ashley accommodated us and assured us that even though most of their clientele is over 21, savvy teens can do it too! And they did! They had a blast! They managed to escape with only a few minutes left and talked about it non-stop the whole way home. AND, when they got home, they created their own escape room in our basement. Needless to say, they made lasting memories at Escape Room Barrie! They can't want to try another room soon!"


  • "First escape room. Had high expectations given the 5 star reviews and we were not disappointed! The hour flew by and we had so much fun. The puzzles were clever, interesting and kept you on your toes. Would totally recommend! "


  • "AWESOME TIME!!!! My 14 year old son and 5 of his buds thoroughly enjoyed his birthday party adventure! They had a blast working together to figure out the clues and can't wait for the new room to open up! Wonderful ownership who truly care about creating a unique and memorable experience. Great job! We'll be back!"

    Ryan Robinson

  • "This was my second escape room that I have tried. I had so much fun! I love all the new and unique ways the room was put together. I highly recommend everyone to come out and try it!! I cant wait until the new rooms are open! Will be back for sure! "


  • "This was my first escape room experience and it was a blast! Can't wait to see what other rooms come available in the future. I will definitely be back."


  • "Second escape room I've ever been to, even better than the one in Toronto!! Great date night spot!!!"

    Brandt Kelloway

  • "The escape room was a lot of fun! Good for an adrenaline rush, all ages and a Great environment and the owners were very genuine and down to earth individuals. We had a group of 5 and we all had a blast! "


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