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Simcoe Arms Hotel

"Simcoe Arms Hotel"

How mysterious...

Your team is checking into the Simcoe Arms Hotel on a well deserved vacation. On the way up to your floor, the power goes out in the elevator. You're trapped between the 12th and 14th floor, but hotels don't have a 13th floor! It's up to you to try and find your way off the elevator... What lies beyond is anyone's guess.

The Simcoe Arms Hotel does have replica weapons involved in the game play. If for any reason you are not comfortable with that please do not book this room or give us a call for more detail.

*Family Friendly
*Great for first timers
*All Ages
*Flashlights used
*Not scary/no live actors
*Mystery theme

  • 2/6
    Min/Max Players

  • 3-5
    Recommend Players

  • 1/5
    Scare Factor

  • 2/5

  • 26.55 + tax
    Cost per person


  • "The escape room was a lot of fun! Good for an adrenaline rush, all ages and a Great environment and the owners were very genuine and down to earth individuals. We had a group of 5 and we all had a bla..."


  • "Second escape room I've ever been to, even better than the one in Toronto!! Great date night spot!!!..."

    Brandt Kelloway

  • "This was my first escape room experience and it was a blast! Can't wait to see what other rooms come available in the future. I will definitely be back...."


  • "This was my second escape room that I have tried. I had so much fun! I love all the new and unique ways the room was put together. I highly recommend everyone to come out and try it!! I cant wait unti..."


  • "AWESOME TIME!!!! My 14 year old son and 5 of his buds thoroughly enjoyed his birthday party adventure! They had a blast working together to figure out the clues and can't wait for the new room to ope..."

    Ryan Robinson

  • "First escape room. Had high expectations given the 5 star reviews and we were not disappointed! The hour flew by and we had so much fun. The puzzles were clever, interesting and kept you on your toes...."


  • "My 14 year old daughter wanted to go to an escape room with her friends for her birthday, and it was imperative that I, as the adult, stay out! Ryan and Ashley accommodated us and assured us that ev..."


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